The Love of my Father

I have never put all of this into words, bear with me through the struggle of this. The spring before I started Nursing school I became friends with a boy from work. We had a mutual friend that brought us together. I did not have very many friends at the time and neither did he.... Continue Reading →

Not me, but Christ

I fell in love with Christ not because I had all I need and He was extra. What made me love Christ was that He chose me. He picked me. He wanted me. When I was at my darkest, my lowest, when there was absolutely nothing I could do to fix myself, He said," I want... Continue Reading →

Heart Abandoned

God, give my a heart abandoned Ever after you alone Gold and silver, You can take it All I want is You, my Lord Growing up in church and being in church my whole life, we always say that Jesus is the desire of our soul, the one thing that can satisfy. We want to... Continue Reading →

Just breathe 

So many people around me are getting married, engaged, or starting a relationship. There is so much emphasis in culture that says you need a relationship. We have been taught that you "need a special someone"  Well, all that's a load of crap. People stress and worry about finding their person, they want their partner... Continue Reading →

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