Brokenness is beautiful 

“The only thing I want in life, is to be known for loving Christ, to build His church to love His bride and make His name known far and wide” ~cause of Christ 
There is so much suffering all over the place. So many broken people. We are all broken people. Every single last one of us. Some of us hid it better than others. But should we?? How much harder is it to go around pretending all the time, shoving down emotions and feelings that are meant to be let out. I don’t want to hide how broken I am. I am broken but my savior puts me back together. He makes me whole. My brokenness is a story, a story of Jesus’s love, forgiveness, and redemption

Brokenness is beautiful, it’s what makes us, us. We live in a terribly broken world full of terribly broken people. We all hurt, we all have things that weigh us down. Cancer is hard to deal with and watch, losing a baby, end of a relationship, loved ones dying, family members struggling, and on and on….         But what I know about these things is, God has a plan in ALL things for those who love Him and serve Him. Let him take the broken and make it beautiful. 

Brokenness is a story to tell others. To show them what God has done for you.  How He can carry you.

   What’s your story? How can God use it for his glory? 

   All I know and all I feel right now is the love and peace of my savior. I cannot and will not go a day without Him! 


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