One year ago…

Sometimes I sit and ponder,”Where was I a year ago? What was I doing?”  Its good to reflect on life, it can bring a fresh perspective as well as teach you lessons. To see how far you’ve come, to know you don’t want to go back there. Looking back for me personally can be a painful experience. But even through pain there can be a lesson.

One year ago I was in my first semester of nursing school. I was struggling through the stress, studying, long hours of school, figuring out clinicals, care plans…., nursing school testing and figuring out how to balance my once simple schedule and life.

I will say, I learned a lot about who I was AND who I wasn’t… lol   School, stress, not having enough time for really anything can definitely make you think about priorities.  My priorities may not be everyone else’s priorities, that I learned quickly. I can not make people understand the amount of time and effort needed for nursing school (I say that as I’m taking time out of my day to write a blog post). But I can choose to decide for my self what is most important in my life. Jesus, family, school, friends…. For now. And it can be rearranged depending on need. Some people just don’t get that, and I struggled with balancing who I thought were my friends, church, school, and family that first semester. I soon learned that true friends are there for you not just when its convenient for them but also at 12oclock at night when you’re having an emotional melt down.

I made lots of mistakes, good decisions, smart choices and also did things that make me shake my head. Through all the drama and uncertainty one thing remained constant, the love of MY Jesus. He is mine and through it all He was the one I turned to.  He was always there for me and I know that I didn’t always immediately turn to Him, but in those moments when I realized my need for Him, He was there with arms open.

My older somewhat wiser self says thank you to the younger version that taught me lessons.

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